GRACE: GMO Risk Assessment and Communication of Evidence 


GRACE was a project funded under the EU Framework 7 programme and undertaken by a consortium of EU research institutes from June 2012 - November 2015. The project had two key objectives:

I) To provide systematic reviews of the evidence on the health, environmental and socio-economic impacts of GM plants – considering both risks and possible benefits. The results are accessible to the public via an open access database and other channels.

II) GRACE also reconsidered the design, execution and interpretation of results from various types of animal feeding trials and alternative in vitro methods for assessing the safety of GM food and feed.

The Biosafety Group was involved in the construction of the central portal and database (CADIMACentral Access Database for Impact Assessment of Crop Genetic Improvement Technologies) that managed the information gathered in the pursuit of the two objectives and in the dissemination of information.


The final conclusions and recommendations are published on the GRACE webpage, whilst videos of the presentations made at the Final Conference in Potsdam, Germany during 09-10 Nov 2015 can be viewed on the GRACE YouTube channel